SuiteAPI Overview

SuiteAPI is an open source, alternative Web API for the NetSuite platform. It makes it easy for developers to integrate with NetSuite, regardless of the type of application that they're developing or the technology they're developing it with.

With SuiteAPI, developers can:
• Retrieve records.
• Get SuiteQL query results.
• Access the results of saved searches.
• Upload and download files to and from the file cabinet.
• Send email messages via NetSuite.
• Generate PDFs based on transactions or ad-hoc XML code.
• And more.

In addition, SuiteAPI can be extended to add support for working with transactions (such as sales orders, purchase orders, quotes, etc), entities (such as customers, vendors, employees, etc), items, custom records, custom lists, and more.

Unlike NetSuite's SuiteTalk REST Web service, SuiteAPI isn't RESTful. SuiteAPI is more of an RPC-style (short for "remote procedure call") Web API. All requests are made as HTTP POSTs, with JSON-encoded payloads. The response payloads are also JSON-encoded.

SuiteAPI is very easy to use, it's reliable, and it's secure (it uses NetSuite's native security model, including roles, tokens, etc). It also has a very small footprint, consisting of a single RESTlet.

To get started with SuiteAPI, you can download it here and learn how to install and configure it here. For information about the procedure that SuiteAPI supports, the documentation is available here.

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